Optimism Of The Will

“Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.”
Antonio Gramsci

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7/14/20 News & Views Collated From 50+ Sites on the Net

  Witnesses say Australian SAS soldiers were involved in mass shooting of unarmed Afghan civilians Israeli court rejects Amnesty petition to curb spyware firm NSO Severe bread shortages loom for Syria as fresh U.S. sanctions grip This Marine’s family wanted the Corps to help her cope with a sexual assault. Instead, she’s in the brig…

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7/13/20 News & Views Collated From 50+ Sites on the Net

  ‘Extremely Regrettable’: Okinawa Governor Rips US for Letting Covid-19 Infections Surge on American Military Bases Poland: Incumbent Andrzej Duda wins presidential election Poles have (narrowly) elected an antisemitic homophobe–with the strong support of the Church (no surprise). Meritocracy Legitimizes & Deepens Inequality Fort Hood a Dangerous Place for Women in the Military A Marxist…

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7/12/20 News & Views Collated From 50+ Sites on the Net

  With Covid-19 Deaths on the Rise, Hardest-Hit States Report Hospitals are Near Capacity Following Early Reopenings Austria forces Afghans back to face war and terror While U$A continues doing all it can to continue war and terror in that wretched land. UN approves extension of cross-border aid to Syria Foreign students in US face…

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A Marge Piercy Poem – Offered for Black Lives Matter

    The mouth of empire eats onward through the apple of all. Armies of brown men are roasted into coffee beans, are melted into chocolate, are pounded into copper. Their blood is refined into oil, black river oozing rainbows of affluence.   _________________________________________________________ Reading this poem, I immediately thought of Black Lives Matter, and…

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Glimpses of Freedom

  It was in sixty-eight in France they wrote, “Beneath the cobblestones, the beach.” Across that time, another clime, it comes to us To teach the mystery of history, its reach From yesteryears to what appears today, on streets Where the hardy flower, freedom, breaks through stone.   We are not lone in this, longing…

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It’s Time for a #DemExit

This article from Naked Capitalism is the single best summation and argument I have read to date, about why the “Democratic” Party should be shunned now and for all time by those who have any intention of promoting progressive policies and values for our nation and planet.  I commend it to you as the go-to…

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He Didn’t Even Wait Until The Convention

    The same Senator Bernie Sanders who spoke of the need for “political revolution” has now endorsed the arch-centrist Joe Biden, ensuring the Convention is utterly irrelevant and moot.  He made this endorsement irrespective of the very current and active charge that Biden sexually assaulted Tara Reade; notwithstanding Biden’s repeated misrepresentations of his own…

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  Bye bye, Bernie–it always was a long shot, an uphill struggle, and I for one did not believe the “Democratic” Party would ever allow another progressive to obtain the nomination.  I well recall the McGovern campaign of 1972, and how the mask came completely off the Dem Party.  Democrats for Nixon, labor leaders proclaiming…

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The Spirit of Mario Savio, and the Coming Conflict

    Mario Savio gave his famous speech on the steps of Sproul Hall, located in the campus of the University of California at Berkeley.  This event is often cited as the sparking moment of the Free Speech Movement (FSM), though it had been ongoing through the efforts of UC students and off-campus allies for…

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