This is a medium and a megaphone for broadcasting analysis and concerns held by the owner of the site.  It is written in the simultaneous recognition that we live at the imminent edge of a real End Times unrelated to any eschatology, one fostered by human avarice, ignorance, and gross stupidity–and the need, despite the urgency posed by this crisis, to engage in careful reflection. The salient form of the most critical human failing in our era is the economic/political/social formation known as capitalism, a contemporary recapitulation of many of the worst features of feudal monarchy.  Our “natural betters”–identified by the number of zeroes in their bank accounts–are in the forefront of world destruction, exhibiting both unequaled self-absorption and incapacity to grasp the reality of the destructive wave they continue promoting across the world.  Thus, it falls to us, the commoners, the 99% of humanity, to rise up and by our massive, concerted disobedience, make it possible to forestall the tsunami of ecocidal destruction.

The primary activity of this blog is the daily survey and collation of linked news articles of use to the global progressive community.  These are relayed by copying the linked articles with their respective titles, and pasting them into the day’s compilation.  This activity is done in several increments across the span of the waking day, according to the time and energy available to me.  The intent is to provide a one-stop resource that brings together a variety of voices and perspectives providing breaking news, contemporary events, and analysis.  Secondarily, there are occasional articles written by me.


About Bunkunin:  Lifelong activist now slowing due to age and its attendant challenges, though care about issues is undiminished.  Long-time student of philosophy, sometime poet, living in a facility for older people–dubbing this The Old Bolsheviks Unrest Home.  Marxist with an anarchic twist, identifying more with Debs than Lenin.  Some call this perspective libertarian socialism; in Old Left parlance, the term most commonly used is anarcho-communism.